Darryl & Patti

darryl-patti-smithDarryl and Patti Smith are from San Diego, California. They drove from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas for vacation after being married in February 2014. After a month of exploring Baja, Mexico on an extended honeymoon, they crossed over to mainland Mexico on the Baja Ferry and traveled to Puerto Vallarta in search of a Christian feeding ministry and opportunities to teach English as a foreign language.

In June 2014 they graduated from the University of English Teachers Institute in Puerto Vallarta and became International TEFL certified English Teachers. They taught 18 levels of English as a foreign language while working as Maestros de Ingles at the Escuela de Ingles UETI and the Punta de Mita Four Seasons golf resort.

In 2015 they taught 18 levels of English as a foreign language for the hotel staff at Hotel Rosita and Pescador resorts in downtown Puerto Vallarta. They volunteered to Teach English as a Foreign Language for FREE to the Mexican Federal Police Special Forces who were living at Hotel Pescador while protecting Puerto Vallarta in 2015.
chris darryl rotwagon germany 1987Patti Smith is a retired California real estate professional and specializes in teaching advanced business English. Darryl Smith is a former United States Army Paramedic who worked as an EMT 1 ambulance driver in Germany and California. Darryl is retired network engineer and recently worked for the US Department of Defense on the Taji Air Base in Baghdad, Iraq. Darryl and Patti are volunteers with Paradise Community Church, an English speaking church which meets in the Act 2 Theater. The church has over a hundred volunteers who help operate children feeding ministries and orphanages throughout the greater Puerto Vallarta area.

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