English School

Search and Rescue English School uses the Communicative Approach to teach English as a foreign language which closely simulates the way a baby naturally learns a native language.

English students will learn English human anatomy, medical terminology, patient examination and common phrases spoken in emergency situations.

English School is 1 hour a day Monday to Friday for 4 weeks. 12 homework assignments are given during the first 3 weeks with written examinations administered on Fridays. Oral and reading examinations must be passed with an 80% grade during week 4. Certificates are awarded in a graduation ceremony on day 20. The student with best attendance and highest grade will receive a student of the month certificate.

certificates and id cards 2016

Tuition is 700 Pesos a student per level and includes a student book, student ID card for a 50% bus discount and graduation certificate.

Bilingual Mexican school teachers will receive FREE training in the classroom to teach English in the local Puerto Vallarta school district.

Our goal is to train all fire fighters, paramedics, police officers, lifeguards, doctors, military search and rescue personnel in English conversational and become fluent in 2016.  We also share the same desire for Spanish speaking school children by duplicating the Search and Rescue English School within the Puerto Vallarta school district.

Please help us achieve our goal to help Puerto Vallarta become fluent in the English Language.

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