Free TEFL ESL Teacher Lesson Plans

TEFL English Teachers is a FREE DIY Do It Yourself English School. FREE English lesson plans, student textbooks, homework assignments, exams, attendance grade sheets, You Tube music videos with printable lyric sheets and lots of classroom material such as verb and noun posters. English Levels 1-12 and English Conversations 1-5 are available for download in Adobe PDF format to help teach English as a foreign language.

TEFL English Teachers uses the Communicative Approach, Total Physical Response and the Silent Way to Teach English as a Foreign Language. 

The Communicative Approach is widely used in ESL classrooms around the world. When learning to teach English, popular certification programs like Cambridge CELTA, TEFL, TESOL and ESL courses often advocate this style of teaching. Many teachers utilize this style in the classroom and much emphasis is placed upon actual communication rather than rule based learning. Students actually learn by doing, rather than learning a long list of words and vocabulary. This method is at the moment one of the most popular methods of teaching English. TEFL English Teachers uses the Communicative Approach by instructing students to read their homework questions and answers to each other in pair work while the teacher grades their homework assignments.

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method for teaching language by involving students in physical activity. One of the assumptions behind TPR is that the human brain has a biological program for acquiring any natural language on earth – including the sign language of the deaf. Similar to children picking up their native language, foreign language students should not “learn” but “acquire” the target language. TPR aims for an unconscious process of language acquisition in the same manner that children learn their first language without any conscious effort. In consequence no attention is paid to form or rule learning. TEFL English Teachers utilizes TPR by having students play games such as Simon Says, Fly Swatters and Musical Chairs.

The Silent Way is a language teaching method created by Caleb Gattegno from the University of London that makes extensive use of silence as a teaching technique. TEFL English Teachers implements the Silent Way by pointing to letter and picture charts in the classroom to help correct student pronunciation without using verbal correction.

TEFL English Teacher lesson plans are superior to grammar translation methods such as Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur because we include all four critically important language skills; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Foreign language students using a grammar translation method such as Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur often fail to learn the foreign language by only concentrating on the 2 skills of listening and speaking. If a foreign language student has success with a grammar translation method, the best they can hope for is to become illiterate in the new language they are trying to learn. It it vital to teach all 4 Reading, Writing,  Listening and Speaking language skills which are included in TEFL English Teachers lesson plans and student  books.


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